Torqeedo Unveils Deep Blue Hybrid


Torqeedo Unveils Deep Blue Hybrid

by Ted Lund


Torqeedo — the world’s innovator in electric inboard and outboard power — is growing its innovative, high-powered Deep Blue line into a groundbreaking, comprehensive hybrid solution for boaters around the world.

Deep Blue Hybrid is the first totally integrated system which acts as both an energy supply for the hybrid power plant, but also all of your onboard AC/DC electrical loads.

The Deep Blue Hybrid is able to take advantage of solar, wind, plug-in and regenerative power in high-capacity batteries to keep generator runtime at a minimum.

Power by Torqeedo's Deep Blue

Power by Torqeedo’s
Deep Blue

“Taking existing Deep Blue components and adding the utility of multiple charging sources was the next logical development for this powerful system,” says Steve Trkla, president of Torqeedo, Inc. “Deep Blue Hybrid offers all the benefits of pure electric propulsion, including an unprecedented level of luxury and utility on board, while allowing for extended motoring. It is proving to be a very compelling option for cruising sailboats between 40 and 80′, as well as professionally operated vessels.”

Ready availability of electrical power is a windfall for boaters, particularly those with large house loads, such as air conditioning and cooking. Now those needs can be met with batteries alone, letting boaters enjoy all the creature comforts without exhaust or loud noise associated with generator sets. Deep Blue Hybrid is a great solution for work and service vessels as well. The high-capacity batteries are capable of operating large tools, winches and test equipment. The unique new system also allows environmental research and monitoring vessels to access sensitive areas with minimal environmental impact.

Deep Blue Hybrid is available for a number of different boating needs, and is available in outboard, inboard and saildrive configurations. Consisting of modular components, Deep Blue Hybrid can be installed as a singles or twins, in the 40 to 160 hp classes.

“People are excited about the possibilities and we are certain it will have wide appeal,” Trkla continued. “Because Deep Blue Hybrid provides such a complete solution that it benefits from project integration, our team is currently meeting with OEMs and repower specialists to plan the first round of installations.”

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Original Source; Sportsmans Lifestyle


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