Tidewater 210 LXF family, fishing friendly


Tidewater 210 LXF family, fishing friendly

By Craig Lamb

Tidewater Boats set out to conquer a challenging task. That was to make family friendly a center console boat traditionally designed for hardcore saltwater angling. The design engineers succeeded in uniting the two better worlds in the Tidewater 210 LXF.


LXF stands for Luxury/Family, and to the point, you get lots of it in this boat. The boat meets the needs of discriminating anglers while providing welcoming, family features combining luxury and comfort.

What could be better than a morning fishing trip for the guys, followed by a family outing in the afternoon, and all of it in the same boat? The answers are spread out from bow to stern in the 210 LXF.

The 210 LXF has an LOA of 20’ 10” and a wide 8’ 6” beam. It has a draft of 13” and dry weight of 2,300 pounds. Fuel capacity is 56 gallons, and the standard power is a 150-horespower Yamaha outboard. The boat is rated for eight passengers or 1,200 pounds of total weight.


A standout feature of this boat, and again making it family friendly, is the spacious and comfortable seating from stem to stern. Available bow bolsters turn to port and starboard benches into lounge-style seating for added comfort. A center bench ahead of the console adds more seating up front. The seating has snap on cushions that can be removed when the time comes to change the boat into fishing mode. Remove the cushions, and you get raised casting platforms at the bow.

What really stands out at the rear is the full-length, rear seat with snap on cushion and padded backs for true comfort. Standard are twin captain chairs at the helm, although most owners opt for the cushioned bench seat and padded leaning post.

There are many more family friendly features, and worthy of calling out are the bolsters lining the gunwales. A stereo system is standard, and you can add a Porta-Potti, freshwater shower and towing pylon for watersports. T-Tops can be added with spreader lights. 

Fishermen will like the spacious, insulated storage compartments, recessed and vertical rod holders and LED-lighted 30-gallon aerated livewell. You can trick out the rig with worry-free, factory-installed options like Garmin electronics, onboard 12/24V charging system and outriggers for trolling.

What sets this boat apart from other brands in the category is a hull designed for a smooth, dry ride. That gets a nod from anglers and likely greater kudos from a boat filled with a family.


Tidewater Boats are designed with distinctive Carolina Flair, setting up the dry ride, to direct waves away from the hull using reverse chines. Tidewater likes to appropriately call that feature the Dry Chine Ride.

The smooth ride comes from the wave-shock absorbency of the Corrugated Grid Stringer Vertebra. Filled with foam to reduce noise and vibration, the stringer system works like a human skeleton to create a rigid, unified construction that tightly secures all of the internal parts. Those include fuel tanks, consoles, seating and storage compartments that are fastened to the stringer system. To ensure a solid, tight fit, every stringer system is customized for each Tidewater model.

Another defining Tidewater feature is the Spray Relief Point. That is the point of impact on the hull deflecting water away from the boat. Multiple SRP areas enhance the characteristic dry ride of the Tidewater.

By taking extra steps not found in most brands, Tidewater has the confidence in providing owners a 10-year, transferable warranty that covers the hull.


Tidewater stays close to it’s saltwater roots with the manufacturing facility located in Lexington, S.C. Find out more about the complete lineup of models, view the brand catalog, watch product videos and find a Tidewater dealer at Visit the growing community of Tidewater owners on Facebook at Tidewater Boats LLC.


Original Source:  Sportsmans



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