There’s More to Fall Than Football


There’s More to Fall Than Football

by Amy Lignor


Although football returning is usually the “most anticipated” part of Fall TV, this time there are also some actual new TV shows that people are chomping at the bit to get a look at. Some out there are Jack Bauer, American Horror Story, Man With a Plan, Fall TV Schedulewaiting to see if old Jack Bauer can be as cool and intoxicating as a President as he was playing the man who literally always saved the President’s butt (Remember 24?) There are other shows being promoted as “laugh out loud funny,” yet you can already hear the angry emails that will be sent to various networks about them.


Old favorites, such as AHS – “American Horror Story” – are already getting pulse rates to pound frantically. Those commercials with the spiders and the creepy music really make the blood run cold. And whereas a certain cannibalistic doctor really did not impress television viewers, a major horror movie classic is coming to TV as a weekly drama. Will it die its own death in week 2, or will it actually make for scary TV?


Let’s talk about just a few that are bound to get emotions riled up:


Which show has most viewers already calling it Number 1? Well, we mentioned him above. Kiefer Sutherland in ABC’s “Designated Survivor” comes to TV on Sept. 21st. No longer Jack Bauer (the heart still sinks over that), he is now the President who gets the job by major default. The pilot of this show was received with accolades and praise, but it remains to be seen if Sutherland can continue to reel the public in and once again become the hero he’s so famous for being.


On ABC we have “Speechless” premiering on Sept. 21st. The cast is laugh out loud funny. However, a fragile subject is being highlighted at this comedy’s very core and, make no mistake, some people will be very angry at this one. Minnie Driver, a delightful actress, is a mom who will do anything for her family. One member of that family happens to be her eldest son, JJ, with special needs. It’s a sweet show; it’s a great family; but the writers do have to walk a very thin line with this one and make sure to never overstep their boundaries.


Also, ABC may have made as big of a mistake as FOX will definitely make on Sept. 23rd. “Lethal Weapon” is a movie series that made a whole lot of money. But it was because of the humor Danny Glover and Mel Gibson provided that made those movies something people continue to watch over and over again. Very rarely do movies work as weekly dramas, and even though Damon Wayans is funny, the partner they chose for him is most definitely not.


How does FOX make this mistake? Well…they are bringing a “movie” to TV as well. Now, “Psycho” was translated for the small screen perfectly and “The Bates Motel” is riveting to watch every week. Of course, the young man they got to play good old Norman Bates, as well as his mother, are award winning actors. FOX believes that they can do the same with the classic horror, “The Exorcist.” With Geena Davis playing the mother in this one, definitely not up there in the top ten great actors, it would be surprising to see this one hit on any cylinder whatsoever.


Last, but not least, are two new shows that have viewers rooting for them, and only because the stars are favorites from other series’. “Bull” comes to CBS and stars the beloved Tony from “NCIS.” Fans of “NCIS” are still extremely upset that Tony will no longer be part of that cast. Reviewers have already stated that this show isn’t all that great, but something tells me that CBS viewers will tune in and give their old “Tony” a chance. Inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, this drama is harsh with humor as it combines psychology and technology to show viewers what makes the legal system tick.


The other returning favorite? Joey from “Friends” is back in a “Man With a Plan” on CBS come October. Actor Matt LeBlanc was startlingly awesome in his own TV show, yet now he’s back in a sitcom that’s unfortunately not written by the awesome team behind “Friends.”


There will be others to watch and grade, but when it comes to the Fall schedule, the only real surprise will be if Sutherland makes a worse President than the ones actually vying for the job. James Palinsad

Source:  Baret News


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