Scrapbooking for Beginners!

When it comes to the arts & crafts/hobby world, there is one that has climbed the charts of popularity over the past few years. Scrapbooking calls out to a variety of people who, let’s face it, are truly sick and tired of cellphones clicking away, yet never producing PAPER copies of your grandchild’s photos. I realize that these electronic photos are simpler to use as backgrounds on laptops and backgrounds on the cellphones themselves, but they take away from the grandmother who wants to carry those PAPER copies in her purse to show off to others. But…I digress.

The Green Underground

The Green Underground ~ Samantha Lewis Greenhouses are a lot of fun for both the homeowner and grower out there. They look unique, they serve a huge purpose when it comes to ecology, growing food, maintaining flowers, using solar energy to increase growth, and helping to save the soil. In fact, the list of benefits […]

The Biggest Sports Sensation Can be Found on the Street

  by Amy Lignor   Streetball; everyone’s talking about it. For those who are unaware, streetball is basically exactly what it says it is; basketball that’s played on outdoor courts with far more lax rules than professional basketball. This is a good thing, however; because not having that incredibly formal structure that the NBA has […]

A Day in the Life of a Working Parent

  March 4, 2013 – Angela Carona’s first day back at work after maternity leave 7:05 am Angela brings her 4 month old daughter, Mia for her first day at Rainbow Academy. She is running late to get to the train station and leaves with a pit in her stomach, missing Mia already. 7:30 am […]