Manners Matter – HUH, WHAT?

Manners Matter – HUH, WHAT?

I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily Scream Ahhh, Here we go! 
Alright, so I talk to a lot of people  in my line of work… you know as a speaker, entertainer,  and I even listen on occasion .. but lately I have been noticing that a few words have been omitted from the English language. The words Pardon, Please and Thank You, to mention a few and have been replaced by the words HEY, WHAT, and HUH!
The other day I was talking to someone on a business level.. like I wanted to give them business and I said  “so what do you do for work now, and after they painfully pulled their eyes from their phone (most likely Facebook) , they said  Huh, what, Oh, I have this (Bleep) job that is going now where that is why I want to work with you. 
Oh, wow, good answer, are you kidding me folks.  What ever happened to using the words that  make you sound intelligent, and not using the words that make you sound like you were raised by junkyard dogs. I’ve often given this advice to GUYS.  If you really want to woo a woman, every once and while shut up and listen. But now I’ll add this for Male and female.
Treat everyone like it’s your first date, you know, pardon, please and thank you. Well, that is it, oh and have a good day.
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