It’s official the foot in the mouth season has started… 2016 Election season!


It’s official the foot in the mouth season has started… 2016 Election season!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream, AHHH, here we go!


I don’t know why we are worried about ISIS or any other threat to America. It’s the 2016 election season, and I promise if you give these politicians a few more months, they will be eating their young, rape, pillage and pondering this great country to death.


Now my comments are meant for BOTH sides of the political parties. Maybe that’s the first problem we should address, calling them a political PARTY; NOTHING ever comes good out of old men throwing a party.


Case in point; Mayor Giuliani, you have managed to do something that now classifies you as a Weapon of Mass DISTRACTION… And that is talking and not stopping.  You are way past the point of no return. You see the oddest behavior comes out when politicians know elections are near (within a year). They do this really odd thing called WORK; they work real hard to discredit the other side.


I just wish they did that WORK thing every day and not just near election day. Now, Democrats you’re not immune to this and I am sure I’ll be seeing your names come across the news desk soon.


Politicians, STICK to dealing with the problems and not the politics. If we want, crazy people fighting over useless things will watch the reality shows or better yet, will watch the news!


Your friend,
Witt of Will




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