Guys, treat woman like they do on Downton Abbey!

Guys, treat woman like they do on Downton Abbey!

Now Maybe I am just being old fashion, or maybe what I am going to say should become the new fashion. So here it is: I`m in an elevator, three guys, one girl, and me door opens, guys rush out, and the girl is LAST!


Well, other than me and I say please ladies first or 4th, in this case. Gentlemen, treat a woman like you treat your mother, and one day, she might just be that, to your children!


I mean come on, guy’s. Woman watches Downton Abbey and those programs where fair maidens are swept off their feet. Woman like it because of the manners and they way they are treated by men. I know it’s tough nowadays. Whenever I say to my wife; The other day these girls, and she will stop me and say: “You can’t say GIRLS,” OK, the other day these ladies? “Nope,” The point is, it is hard to know what to call a Lady, girl, woman, female these days, but manners should always matter.


Here is a quiz; do you know why a guy should walk on the street side when walking with a woman, Times up! This little answer might just make you a Price Charming to the woman.
It’s done because if a car comes by and splashes a puddle or runs onto the curb out of control, you’re there to block it, It’s the gentleman thing to do.
Class dismissed!
Your friend,
Will Roberts


Manners Matter-Will Roberts




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