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Flying Arrow Products

by Ted Lund


Chris Rager is no stranger to building world-class archery products.

Chris Rager

Chris Rager

A passionate archer and product designer, Rager cut his teeth with his previous company, Trophy Ridge/Rocket Aeroheads in 2001.

Since then, Rager has spend countless days in the field in the quest to develop better archery equipment. His goal: develop a broadhead that would change the way archer’s think and that would fly straight and create the most hemorrhage in an effort to harvest game as quickly and humanely as possible.

That vision has come to fruition with Flying Arrow Archery. Rager founded the Montana-based company in 2012 and took the archery world by storm with the introduction of his signature Toxic line of broadheads.

Toxic is the culmination of three years of design work trying to blend the resilience and flight

3 Blade Broadhead

3 Blade Broadhead

characteristics of fixed broadheads with the wound channel of mechanical broadheads — a true fixed, coring broadhead. Toxic was the result.

Toxic broadheads screw into today’s modern arrow inserts and are a 100% coring broadhead that has no fixed linear blades. It weighs 100 grains and has multiple replaceable blades that are razor sharp and taper back instead of being perpendicular to the target dramatically increasing penetration.

“It’s the perfect broadhead,” says Rager. “It flies as straight and quiet as a field tip, it has great penetration, and it has reduced wind drag for making those tricky shots count when the weather conditions aren’t always cooperating. It’s low profile to reduces the chance of making contact with bone, it has over 5 inches of cutting surface making it second to none in its category, and most of all, it has no moving parts, set screws, clips, O-rings or rubber bands.”

The “Toxic” leaves a wound channel described by a surgeon as a “Radical Core Decompression” wound — the most lethal of wounds. The archer will notice when the arrow strikes, the animal’s noticeable will to live is less than traditionally expected in the archery world. In other words, you, the archer need to try the “Toxic” out and experience what Rager and a selected few other archers have been able to experience.

The company’s website features a dealer locator and online store with their complete range of archery broadheads, practice points and apparel. You’ll also find videos and an online trophy room. For more information on Toxic and the entire line of Flying Arrow products visit


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