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Will the Upcoming SI Cover Be an Ode to Orange

   by Amy Lignor or a Rainfall of Skittles? Although you want to believe the ‘Swimsuit’ issue is the best one Sports Illustrated puts on the shelves each year, the reality is that this is the magazine that is still at the top of their game after decades of awesome reporting.   Seeing as that […]

Stories at the Museum, Virginia Historical Society, February 1

  Date: February 1, 2014 Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Free Location: Virginia Historical Society Part of the Stories at the Museum category. Part of the Family and youth activities program. The Virginia Historical Society continues to offer special educator-led readings of children’s history books during 2014. Stories at the Museum programs are free […]

Log Splitter Tonnage

If you are shopping for a new log splitter it takes a basic understanding of tonnage to make the best buying decision. Tonnage is the measurement of force exerted by a log splitter. That force is measured in tons. The splitter operates by the force of a sharp wedge pushed through a log to split […]

Is the Pro Bowl Even Necessary?

  by Amy Lignor There are still many things about the Pro Bowl that are hard to understand. One of the first being, why is it even played? Especially before the Super Bowl has been played?   When the Pro Bowl came after everything else was set in stone, it seemed fine. A mini-vacation for […]

Today’s Recipe: Vegetarian Pizza

by Alfredo Zotti Pizza Base For the pizza base, you will need: Approximately 7g sachet of dry yeast 1 cup of water (just a normal tea cup) 2 and ½ cups of flour A pinch or about ½ teaspoon of sugar Procedure Mix the yeast in the water and add the sugar; Introduce one cup […]

Poignant Road Flick Features Autistic Orphan in Search of Family

  Demi-Soeur (Half-Sister) Film Review by Kam Williams   Nenette (Josiane Balasko) never left home because of her mentally-disability. So, you can imagine the shock when her mother, the loving, lifelong caretaker who had shielded her from the cruel world for over a half-century, suddenly passes away. Finding herself in desperate straits, the autistic orphan decides to […]

Film: ‘DARK’ at Virginia Living Museum, Newport News, January 29

  Date: January 29, 2014 Time: 2:30 pm Recommended: ages 10 and above DARK is a full-dome movie that explains and explores the nature of dark matter, the missing 80% of the mass of the Universe. The search for Dark Matter is the most pressing astrophysical problem of our time – the solution to which […]

Whistling Wing Memories

I can’t quite recall the first time I heard what has now become the unmistakable sound of wild, whistling wings. Try as I might, I cannot put my finger on exactly where the initial memory was made, but I do know that I’ve not forgotten the sound of the first or the last; nor am […]

Sports: Looking Forward to Seeing the Past

   by James Moore Technology never stops. Everything from networks to social media to new, extreme sports and equipment…heck, with every new start of a New Year, state-of-the-art devices and challenges are once again brought into sports’ arenas around the world.   Oddly enough, this time out as we look into the future and see […]

Virginia’s Youth Conservation Corps program accepting crew applications

  Applications are being accepted through April 14 for two three-week summer sessions of the Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps (YCC). The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation will notify selected participants via e-mail by May 1. The program will be held June 22 to July 12 and July 20 to Aug. 9. Teams […]