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The Green Minute: Let the Kids Save Energy

For today’s Green Minute, we are focusing on a few very simple tips that can help your children become energy efficiency “masters.” From our good friends at the Alliance to Save Energy, these tips are about getting your children involved in your efforts to save electricity. They are easy, fun and save money. Below is […]

ChemTec ONE – The Quality Solution to Construction Challenges

ChemTec Int’l, Inc. is no ordinary company. They are a huge part of the architectural and construction industries, but it is their absolute skill and expert intelligence when it comes to making advancements in chemistry, that ultimately separates them from the pack. This is a company that works to create products that are easy, effective, […]

Lab Retrievers as Hunting Dogs

  Man’s best friend hasn’t changed a bit over time. And when it comes to the hunter, this special canine is the one who, more often than not, does all the work while us humans sit back, watch and wait. You gotta give them credit for being as loyal as they are. (The dogs, not […]

Bayfront Westcott House B&B – Where Romance Still Reigns

Celebrate Love & Life at the Bayfront Westcott B&B And all my days are trances, And all my nightly dreams, Are where thy dark eye glances, And where thy footstep gleams – In what ethereal dances, By what eternal streams…   Although Browning, Byron or Wordsworth may be the names that come to mind when […]

What Social Media Team Can Bring You Success

  We’ve spoken about the problems that come from setting your company up in so many different locations on so many networks that you can’t even remotely manage your content. The problems that arise from having ‘too much of a good thing’ are numerous and monumental, which means finding that perfect ‘niche’ for your business […]

The Green Minute: Ecotech Institute Ranks States on Green Jobs Index

Today’s Green Minute is about “Clean Jobs” and the exciting new website and infographic our friends at the Ecotech Institute have produced to help people find an eco-friendly job. Visit and explore Ecotech Institute’s – Clean Jobs Index website. Bookmark it. Share it with friends on social media. Below is the press release from Ecotech […]

SF 49ers March on Victorious Past Atlanta Falcons

  Oh, yes…the Atlanta Falcons were more than a little upset. Although, so were the 49ers fans all across the country when the NFC Championship Game first began yesterday afternoon. When those teams went head-to-head, it looked a great deal like the 49ers had either stayed at Candlestick Park or, perhaps, were upset about the […]

The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen

If there’s one thing the wealth of Jane Austen fans want the rest of the world to know; it’s the fact that Syrie James must be the reincarnation of the prolific Austen, seeing as that her stories, writing style and absolute knowledge of Austen’s works and life, remains unparalleled. A story within a story, this […]

Pups in Warren, OH, Available for Adoption

Two 2-month old female pups in Ohio, completely weaned, need a forever home. These pups are pit-boxers; their mother dog being 50/50 pit and boxer and the father a 75% boxer and 25% pit bull. The parents are both very gentle, loving and great with kids. The puppies never whine and are very playful. They […]

The Green Minute: Sustainable Travel Checklist

Here at The Green Register, our staff and writers are constantly on the road traveling and promoting sustainability. Last week, one of our writers asked us to find a good “checklist” of eco-friendly travel tips to help him travel sustainably before, during and after his trip. We were fortunate to find a good list at […]